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<p>Finding his way from a long road of musical persecution, Roniks has created and defined his own distinct sound that has helped him to carve out his space in the underground. Huge atmospheric builds and heart-stopping, concussive bass drops combine to give Roniks a flavor reminiscent of your favorite childhood snack. Oh, you like milkshakes? Well Roniks is about to bring you the milkiest shake you ever laid your sweet ever-loving eyes on. Lactose intolerant? then fuck milkshakes, Roniks is about to put some mini bagel pizzas in the oven and you know that shit is coming out hot. He's been known to keep people moving, ambushing the crowd with unrelenting sonic raids, reminding you why it's cool to have ears. Don't have ears? Then he's here to punch you in the place where your ears used to be and steal your bike. Because bass, thanks for asking.</p><p>Roniks has crossed paths with EDM heavyweights, standing alongside acts such as Flux Pavillion, Adventure Club, Zomboy, Kill the Noise, Krewella, Paul Van Dyk, Au5, Fractal... The list goes on….</p>
LocationLos Angeles
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